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SmartEncryptor uses the most powerfull encryption algorythms existing
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22 April 2013

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As the crime rate in web world is exponentially escalating, encryption of all file that has to be transferred through the internet also is necessitate gravely. In particular the documents of organization for which maintaining of confidentiality is very high in that case encrypting them is also desired highly. For this reason we present in front you Smart Encryptor 9.1 which is certainly going to do the task of securing the files of yours while you are transferring the items via internet or sending through local or private network. This encrypting solution guarantees 100% security for all the sensitive information from all the hackers and unauthorized users who are always ready to grab onto your data. The software is free to use, so download it and start encrypting all your documents easily.

Smart Encryptor employs most up-to-date encryption algorithm used in many standard organization and government sites. Namely AES along with Blowfish are the two encryption algorithm used by it which is fast, powerful and extremely secure. Because of the Windows Shell integration by the software it becomes very easy to use. This means that you just have to right click on a file and use the menu for executing the encryption. Another impressive thing about this encrypting solution is that there is no any requirement of the tool to be installed in the recipient system for decrypting the encrypted file, as a self-extracting file moves along with the encrypted data and when anybody on the receiver end wants to open it just double click on it and enter the password.

Lastly Smart Encryptor offers shredding or overwrites files with insignificant data, which makes the files very secure. This version of the application is a must in today’s world and since it’s free, we do not find the reason for why not using it. 3 stars are pretty decent score that it has grabbed from us.

Publisher's description

SmartEncryptor uses the most powerfull encryption algorythms existing. AES - the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorythm and Blowfish.
Encrypt files and folders
Send files over the Internet securely
Create self-decrypting executables
Works on all Windows systems.
Smart Encryptor
Smart Encryptor
Version 9.4
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